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Tickets for the Shelling and Lighthouse Cruise (4 hours) or the Historic Hobcaw Cruise & Hobcaw House Tour (3 hours) are $38.00 per Adult & $30.00 per Child (all passengers under 90 lbs. including infants)  plus a $1.00 per ticket online reservation fee. No pets are allowed onboard.

The Carolina Rover is a US Coast Guard inspected vessel and is certified to carry 41 passengers (33 lbs. - 311 lbs.) not infants or babies under 33 lbs., nor adults over 311 lbs. ***SEE BELOW . PFD's ( life vests) are not worn during the cruise, however if we were to encounter an emergency situation we are required by Maritime law to have a suitable PFD for each passenger aboard.

**USCG required Type II (child) PFD's are approved for children weighing 33 - 89 lbs. **USCG required TYPE II (adult) PFD's are approved for larger children and adults weighing 90 - 311 lbs. and up to 52 inch chest size maximum.

**We discourage guests from bringing infants, babies, and small toddlers on the cruise. Four hours, is simply too long for them to be outside in the open air of the boat and unprotected on the island. Dehydration and heat stroke can occur quickly & is difficult to recognize. Commercial USCG approved PFD’s are not available for children weighing under 33 lbs. If you wish to bring your own PFD, it must be labeled as Type ll USCG approved.

All reservations are purchased online in advance (MasterCard and Visa only). You can do it or we can do it for you. The site is secure, it is simply replicated to look like our website. Therefore, cookies must be enabled on your device to purchase tickets. (If you don’t know what that is… don’t freak out! We’re usually available to help. Because we are using an online reservation software the $1.00 per ticket reservation fee applies either way. 

**Purchasing tickets together does not ensure seating together for your family or group. However, we will try our best to make it happen, so show up at least 30 minutes early. If the reservation calendar will not let you purchase enough seats for your party, that means we have less than that number of seats available.

Check-in is 30 minutes before departure. We can’t urge you enough to show up early. We depart at the designated trip time (earlier if everyone is aboard). The boat will NOT BE HELD for anyone arriving LATE, so plan accordingly for traffic, parking, a lavatory visit, and mishaps. (You agree to the check-in when the tickets are bought.) PLUS… we have great shopping, museums, & restaurants right here on Front Street!

**The Shelling and Lighthouse Cruise takes guest to a remote barrier island for about 1 hour & 20 minutes ( you don’t have to get off of the boat). There is no shade or seating on the island, except for driftwood and the sand. Due to USCG regulations foldable chairs, nor umbrellas, are allowed on the inspected vessel. If you plan to go ashore for the shelling adventure, know your limitations. The boat will return to pick you up at a designated time.

**The Historic Hobcaw Cruise & Hobcaw House Tour is 3 hours. Guests walk from a floating dock, up the gangway, and cross the fixed pier to the Baruch house for a 1 hour tour.

If the date and time you want is not available, OR there are not enough seats available, OR we are SOLD OUT, please call to be placed on our stand-by list.

**We do not accept cash or checks at the ticket kiosk.

View our “Frequently Asked Questions” page before committing to your purchase if you are in need of assistance or have any questions. We run a pretty tight ship & it’s always better to be informed.

You DO NOT need to PRINT your ticket.


Your confirmation email contains information that you will need to know!

If you did not receive your confirmation email (check your junk mail for, please call us: (843) 546-8822 (DO NOT Email [it will probably go into our junk folder and we won't see it], Text message, or Facebook message us) and we will resend it.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates may be purchase by clicking on the 12/25/2019 date on the calendar date below. To redeem the Certificate, simply call (843) 546-8822 and we will convert it to a reservation.

Rover Tours is committed in helping to educate and preserve South Carolina's fragile wetlands and Eco-systems today, because we care about tomorrow.


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