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We gave the kids a choice.... Boat tour or zip lining. They said they made the right pick! We had a blast learning new things and seeing new places. We brought out grandson with us and he is special needs and they did a great job with him. We are all about inclusion and you all did great. Thank you for what you did for him (you may not have known it but all you did made him one happy little boy)
— Robin D

Can't wait to go back on vacation and take this tour again! Our kids and us had a blast, best boat tour by far! Saw lots of dolphins and found lots of great shells. Also got to see a sting ray while we were searching for shells. Lots of great history to learn on this tour as well. Thanks for all the great memories Rover Tours, see y'all next time.. Tennessee vols fan                                                                                                               Robert H

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— Jonathan L.

Leave the hotels and crowded beaches behind. Take your family on an amazing adventure that they will never forget. North Island is what South Carolina is really about. Even this local enjoyed getting away from it all.                                                                                                             Gill F

Don't miss having the opportunity to explore North Island, see the Georgetown Lighthouse, and view gorgeous former rice fields.
The tour guide is awesome and the driver was too- we have lived here over thirty years and learned a ton of stuff we never knew.
We saw sturgeon jumping out of the water and a bunch of dolphins too. Don't think twice- this is a terrific experience. Diane S

This was the perfect escape from reality. While on a family vacation to Myrtle Beach, we drove down to Georgetown to take the tour to North Island. The staff are friendly and kind and very informative. You not only take a peaceful beautiful ride on Winyah Bay, but also learn about the history of the area. You also learn about different shells you might find on the island. I didn't know what to expect being my first trip so next time I will bring water and snacks. They did provide water for $1 a bottle, which is reasonable. We got pretty hungry on the ride back. The island was amazing. It was the escape from reality I was hoping for on my vacation. I never picked up a shell the whole time I was there. I was taking in the view, the sounds and watching my kids play in the ocean. One of my kids saw a string ray. After an hour or so it was time to head back. On our way the captain gave us time to photograph the lighthouse. We also saw dolphins and the captain turned off the engine so we could watch them and take photos and videos. North Island was definitely the highlight of my vacation. Go online and make your reservations!                                                                                                         Nancy K

I spent the last day of my vacation on this tour with my daughter and son-in-law. We found awesome shells, got some fantastic photos, learned so much about the history of the area. I had the time of my life. It is definitely on my “to do” list for my next visit. Washington State is a long ways from Georgetown so it will be awhile, but it will happen again. Thank you, Rover Tours, for an absolutely awesome afternoon!
— Wanda C

Husband and I have always wanted to take this tour whenever we visited Georgetown but always ran out of time. Made the tour a priority for this trip and were not disappointed. Captain and the First Mate / Guide were great and we enjoyed every minute of the tour. Found a very nice horse conch shell, took great pictures of us sitting on the driftwood and very much enjoyed the laid back atmosphere of the tour.           Kathy W

I/We are Rover Repeaters and love the boat ride, history lesson and visiting North Island. I would do it every day, just to relax on the pontoon and hang out at the Island. Cost is a bargain; captain and tour guides are great at what they do. Definitely a tour to take visitors on; they will be impressed !
— Joan H

A beautiful boat ride filled with history of the area. North island is gorgeous for the photographers and nature lovers alike. And for sea shell lovers, you will not be disappointed! Fun for all ages! I highly recommend!!                                                                                                               Sybil W

I've lived here 31 years and spend a lot of time on the waters around here. I learned things I did not know today. Great job guys!
The boat is very comfortable and the tour is definitely worth it. Just go. Karen V

This is one of the best tours that I've done from Maine to Florida and it's right here in "my own back yard!" The crew was excellent with Luci giving a wealth of historical & ecological knowledge and Capt. David providing a smooth trip which provided all passengers an optimum view. Loved how the crew paid attention to all passengers and encouraged the kids to come to the wheel to drive the boat. Got to see horseshoe crabs along the shallow areas of the beach and found lots of beautiful shells & driftwood. Thanks for providing folks with the opportunity to see how wonderful the SC coastal region is. Don't miss doing this tour!!                                                                                                                 Sara Ann

This trip is a steal for anyone, and a romantic sunset cruise for couples. This cruise shows you the water in Georgetown, then cruises out to the island at the mouth of Winyah Bay on the Atlantic. Great narration and history lesson, plus Bald Eagles, Dolphins, and sea life on our cruise. They give you an hour to stroll the island and collect shells. We brought a picnic. The ride back is done at sunset and was exceptional. Great folks, fun trip. Worth the money! Oh yes, there IS a potty on the boat, and you can buy water onboard too.
— Marc

The rover tour was the highlight of my vacation. I would definitely recommend this to anyone coming to Myrtle beach this summer. It's definitely worth the drive to Georgetown.                                                                                                                                                                     Regina O.

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— Claire C.
The most AMAZING EXPERIENCE in my ten years of vacationing in Myrtle Beach..we found tons of large whelk shells, three starfish, a giant horseshoe crab, coral and saw a school of dolphins within ten feet of the boat. I cannot recommend this experience enough. Thank you for priceless memories!!
— Jill S

My family and I took this tour on June 23rd and had so much fun. We were able to find and take home a knobbed whelk and many other assorted shells. Thank you so much for making our trip one to remember. We will definitely be back on our next visit to Myrtle Beach!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Natasha M

This was an excellent experience and I recommend it for everyone. I went for the light house and my wife for the shell collection and we were not disappointed. We also had a bonus seeing Dolphins and my favorite the Bald Eagles. Remember to bring a camera. I was in the front of the boat and every time I looked back every person had a big smile on their face. Book your trip now. David S

Rover Tours is committed in helping to educate and preserve South Carolina's fragile wetlands and Eco-systems today, because we care about tomorrow.